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throw this paper into fire and throw me with it [entries|friends|calendar]

Two roads, split off from here and my life goes running in opposite directions.
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[01 Feb 2017|08:59pm]
4 threw a lamp through my front window.

[26 Feb 2010|12:16pm]

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6 threw a lamp through my front window.

[01 May 2005|08:17pm]
thats it. i cant take any more of this shit any more, im fucking leaving this and never coming backCollapse )
2 threw a lamp through my front window.

[12 Mar 2005|09:12pm]
so yeah....wen to town with peter,emily,vito,rae and jarman today, got mcr single coz it has bury me in black which i havent heard yet, followed some emo guy who worked in hmv,twas fun, we lost jarman co he went the bank and got all wet in the fountain.it was very very cold so it was. then we went to jjb and went up and down the escalators, then we went towards the library and tied vito up in this tape stuff, i got tied up to, then went to pizza hut and made a load of jokes about being 16 to get beer lol, then got the bus. we sat at the top coz the seats at the bottom was full. there was these little girls who was being cheeky so we skitted em lol and there mum just sat there and done nothin, so then these hip hoppers came up and started crabbing at peters pocket saying give me your phone, he said no, got punched then they got my mp3 and my house key. why the hell would you want a house key! its not as if there gonna follow me home and rob my house. then vito gave them his phone and they threw it back, rae and emily hid there bags, thats when emily started shouting help and then they got off the bus. so we went down and told the driver what happend and he said to go to the police station, so we was running to the police station when peter fell and totally bashed his knes and side and went crazy, at the police station the man got our details and called our parents and peter had to o to the hospital, emily went to rae's and i had to go to vitos coz my dad was at work and the police man couldnt reach him, peter went crazy though, he was like 'dont patronise me emily' and banging the walls and stuff, when i got to vitos i was basicly over it and we was laughing about it already lol. my dad was shouting at me to STAND up to them what the hell am i supposed to do?! beat them up,yeah right, i do wish i was able to beat people up, like peter, why didnt peter stand up to them?....meh
6 threw a lamp through my front window.

[25 Feb 2005|04:54pm]
[ mood | god whats with her?! ]

entry made public for beau to read .whats the worst thing i that could say happen? how about fizzy's phone being looked at by scalls and oh whats this? pics of cutses :s well i was like 'never take pictures on your phone' so then many a people was like 'eeeeee ya freak!!' so twas sad :( + :0 so what else, oh holie wasnt in as well :( peter was askin for her awwww bless lol. and well hmmmmmm nothin else, might get bloc party tickets tommorow if people are going out *hint*

2 threw a lamp through my front window.

icons icons icons [15 Feb 2005|04:57pm]
mcr iconsCollapse )the third one was by fizzy so whoopsie title lies :S
1 threw a lamp through my front window.

were going through changes (journal wise that is, i cany be doing with kelly osbourne) [29 Jan 2005|09:01pm]
from now on my journal is friends only so you add me i add you, simple as that
threw a lamp through my front window.

green day in manchester are AMAZING [29 Jan 2005|12:49pm]
[ mood | and tired ]

so i went to school on friday and wasnt even that bothered about going to green day, but on the way i started getting more exited and put take it away on in the car with a " yeh blood,death,coffins,drugs yeeeh" reaction from my dad and im just like "eeeeeeeeee shut up ya minger" so we parked about a trillion miles away from the arena and had to walk for ages, then we got there around 7:30 and seen my cousen and his mate in front of the entrance, talked to him a bit then some guy comes and conviscates my coke (drink not powder) and i was proper angry coz im addicted to it anyway, then when we got in we had to be searched, then we went into the arena, and i couldnt belive hoe HHHHUUUUGGGGEEE it was i was astounded him was about half the size of the standing area! but we was sitting like 5 rows from the back which was sad! i was annoyed about that tho! but it was so high that i was very scared i would fall so just as we sat down new found glory came on, they were pretty good actually its quite embarasing that i know every word to "my friends over you" during that there was this HUGE mosh pit (that went on the ENTIER concert btw) so the guy outa new found glory jumped around for a bit then they went off, thats when the fun started, green day exploded onto the stage with the arena screaming there heads off, billy joe said something about "fucking the american goverment" which was boss, then they opened with "american idiot" which i predicted right and it was soooooooooo cool!!!! and there was this big electric screen behind them which i couldent really see but i could see some things on it. so al that i can remember them playing were american idiot,st jimmy,basket case,minoraty,holiday,boulevard of broken dreams,when i come around,time of your life. there was loads more but i just cant remember. there was disco balls,flame throwers,water guns, water bloons, banners with that fist on,very LOUD explosions, at one point billy joe got dresssed up as a king and tre cool had some big fluffy pink hat, a big "green day" shaped big metal name thing, that big screen. and they got three kids out of the crowds to play so the guitarist was called kyle i think, the drummer didnt say his name and i cant remember the basist but they played some rift as billy joe ran around and the drummer got a hug off tre cool and done a running jump into the crowd!!! which was very cool and during boulevard of broken dreams there was soooooooo many lighter flames it was amazing. so after all the exitement we done the trilion mile walk to the car and i was hyper on chewits and coke but very tired at the same time so when i got home i was very tired and went to bed, i didnt buy anything though which was a shame but oh well! so thats about it good tie! (little britain impresion) wow ive typed alot but it was worth it!

threw a lamp through my front window.

[27 Jan 2005|09:38pm]
i done a desease name of nikki coz i thaught it woul be fun
What kind of disease are you?

naughty nikki:

naughty nikki is caused by sponges.

naughty nikki: A case of naughty nikki will cause you to seek out beanie babies as ammunition for a 'bean-induced death ray'.
The only way to cure naughty nikki infection is to speak backwards for the rest of your life.

todays entry (27th) is below VVV
threw a lamp through my front window.

[27 Jan 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

im gonna see green day tomorrow but im not that bothered, my dads like "your gonna see one of the biggest bands in the world and your more exited about seeing my chemical romance and the*ga*gas!" which is true but oh well! the*ga*ga*s album is out on february 7th which i have to get! its called "tonight the midway shines". i was so desperate to go back to sleep this morning but i didnt coz im a good boy! yay!. so in school nufin much happened exept in english me and lauren just messed around the whole lesson and some lad threw blue tack at me and i just made a man out of it which was boss! and i took a pic of it which is quite sad but oh well. and it was funny in d.t coz miss webster told us that on the last lesson we get to cook anything and these lads were like " i wonder what the goths are gonna make, devil pie or something" and we just laughed at them for being so sad. the scall problem is getting out of hand coz some lad beat up this gothic kid for no reason but we never got kicked at once!!! and me and vito got hyper on choc choc and cookies! and we gave nikki a get well card and si a welcome back card (even tho they were made of paper) the 6 formers are going to france tomorrow so were sad :( and i watched crouching tiger hidden dragon wot i recorded on sky+ off living tv and it was a bit crap but oh well

threw a lamp through my front window.

[27 Jan 2005|07:25pm]
What kind of disease are you?


callum is caused by Satan.

callum disease causes deadly flatulence upon infection.
Cure callum by dressing like an 80's rock star.

its a bit strange that it just happens that my name is satanic, im a bit freaked out now
threw a lamp through my front window.

[26 Jan 2005|05:56pm]
hiya im writing more about today for emmas enjoyment...in i.t i was very confused and me and rae mad up a pink poodle called poodlay (not poodle-ay) and it wears a pink skirt but after school it fell over in the mud and had to change into shorts....."wot.....whos crazy? i dunno wot your takin about" erm oh yeh and joe picked me up and fizzy said that i got " turned on" by it and im ike "eeeee no hes well mingaaaaan!" and sum y7 threw a ball at foz and he threw it back which never happens and the scall came up and started a fight but foz won so that was good. i dont wanna right anymore so emmas going to have to be less demanding
threw a lamp through my front window.

[26 Jan 2005|05:36pm]
omg in pe today i forgot my kit again so mr preston proper screamed at me AND he called my dad! and other people forgot and they didnt get screamed at...then, he said if i didnt try in rugby id go to referal! and he threw the ball at julians head. i looked like a clown coz i was wearing multicoulered shorts! so in the half hour me and julian just played badminton so i won.
threw a lamp through my front window.

anddd [25 Jan 2005|05:46pm]
and rae got me a ticket for my chemical romance in april!!!
threw a lamp through my front window.

[25 Jan 2005|05:14pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hya,ohhhhh in p.e it twas funny coz i "forgot" my kit and i had to war this wierd baby blue top witch was lame, then me and julian got a detention for throwin badminton rackets at people! and juian got extra time coz he pretended to shoot mr preaston which was really funny, then at dinner we got the ball kicked at us AND vitos shoes got stolen, and later on me,vito,amy,kieren,helen,martha,beau and that foz kid were standin by the wal and scals started throwin bottles at us and after a while there was a big circle around us, and ami got hit in the face and started crying :( and this scall came right up to us and thrown a bottle but proper missed and we just laughed at him, then after we looked and there was like ten pounds worth of bottles on the floor! so that was funny. in english we saw nikki and her class was right opposite ours and we was trying to catch her attention but she never saw us, well thats about it for today, im gonna go eat something bye!

5 threw a lamp through my front window.

[24 Jan 2005|07:21pm]
i hate my school. its full of scalls AND im the only "gothic" boy in my side of the year. miss webster is SUCH a bitch, she moved me because i talked and these scalls were talking all lesson and she never moved any of them. eeeeee harris geordio spat chewy at my hair but i ducked so im boss! yeh i am! and when we was walking towards the 6 formers miss whall WELL gave me proper evil eyes but in french she was nice to me. after school we got an "envolope" of the 6formers and it had SWEETIES IN yay, hoe i love sweeties, not as much as coke tho, oh no not even close *takes sip of coke* i have to get them something but i dont know what they like. so thats all for today! oh and i got moved down in history coz im DED DED smart but oh well. byeeeee
2 threw a lamp through my front window.

[23 Jan 2005|06:01pm]
You scored as The reaper. You are the reaper the most feared creature of death. You are feared by many and love it


The reaper




Ware wolf


Which creature of death are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
threw a lamp through my front window.

[23 Jan 2005|05:42pm]
[ mood | blank ]

yeh so today was a lazy day. all ive done is sit by the fire and watch telly. annnnd i went to the shop and got a bottle of milk and a gummi snake :D coz im bosssss. im adicted to coke. a couple of days ago i came home and there was no coke!!! so i freaked out. yeh i cant help my adiction. im watching my hamster climb up the cage and then fall off over and over and over again. its not a very bright hamster. so thats allllll forrrrr todayyyyy byeeee

threw a lamp through my front window.

[22 Jan 2005|05:33pm]
i just downloaded new emotions on msn and NOBODY IS ONLINE so...... i cant see em so....GET ONLINE NOW! and heres a face

( 0 ) ( 0 )

threw a lamp through my front window.

I AM VERY BORED [22 Jan 2005|02:09pm]
ok so yeh im bored! my dads at work and nuffin is on telly so iim :(:(:(:( yes very :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( AND i would be getting ready to go see MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE if the arena wasnt so SSSSSSSSSMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!
oh the horror of not seeing them. fizzy says she dosent want to see them but obviously she does and dosent want to tell anyone so im not gonna force her or anyfan. so im gonna try and find cool pics to pass the time byeeeeeee
threw a lamp through my front window.

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